all-nighter and winter

Last weekend was such a busy weekend that the update for this week is a couple of days later. I already received some e-mails, but don’t worry I’m still alive and doing fine. I had to write the vaguest paper ever. The only guidelines were: double spaced, 12-15 pages of text and it had to be about sildenafil online technology. After pulling an all-nighter with less than one hour of sleep I finished it five minutes before the class started. OK, I might have started a bit too late, but the paper took a lot longer than expected and I was the most unlucky guy in the world last night.
How often have you heard that someone uses the excuse that his computer crashed/died/did not work anymore? Well last night 9.30 p.m. it really happened to me. The battery of my laptop couldn’t get any power. I was lucky that I was in the library and could work on a computer for a while. I tried to fix it in the library (I didn’t know why my laptop wouldn’t charge) and back home at 2 am as well. 90 minutes later I had still the same problem and with the remaining battery left I worked a little more on the paper. My only way to finish it was to continue at 7, so after less than an hour of sleep I woke up at 6 and got ready for some hardcore paper writing. Although it didn’t go as planned I think I made a pretty good paper.

Last night I still thought not my laptop but my power adaptor was the problem, so after class I went to look for a new cable or a completely new power adaptor. Many stores and 2 hours later I ended up in the Best Buy where they tested my laptop and the problem cialis vs viagra 2013 is in my motherboard! I already had a bad night, bad morning and know this! I was happy I was in Canada and nobody understood me at that moment 😉 The next days I hope to find a place where they can fix it or whatever, I prefer not to buy a new laptop. If anyone has an idea (Lau/Maik/Kev?) let me know what I can do please!!

When I came back home after my trip I saw how bad I looked haha! I had a 10 day beard, big sweater, big jacket and a face which displayed hell. That is all taken care of and now I’m ready to enjoy the snow.
The what?? Yes the snow, last night around 1 it started snowing and it didn’t stop until it was

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noon. Let’s cialis savings card hope winter will come and we will not have ‘Hollandse taferelen’, where the online pharmacy it snows on Monday and on Wednesday all the snow is gone and it rains again.

It is just 6.15, but my bed already calls my name. I think within 3 hours I will dream of a white winter wonderland.
Good night!

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