Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics


February 7th 2014 was the start of one of the most remarkable winter Olympics thus far. In this blog update I’m not going to debate whether it is right or wrong the Olympics are held in Sochi, rather I am focusing on the quite remarkable outcome of the viagra online canada Dutch levitra or cialis and Canadians at the Olympics.

In 2014 the Dutch exceeded everyone’s expectations in speed skating with four clean sweeps at the women 1500 meter and men 500, 5.000 and 10.000 meter. The people are going crazy! The king and queen support the skaters in Sochi and every news item, newspaper or magazine is covered with news

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about this amazing result. It is at least as enjoyable to know that he Americans do not like these results at all and when one of the Dutch coaches makes fun of American Football it gets hilarious:

All this is nice for the Dutch but two other sports that really matter during the games are, without any doubt, curling and hockey. Two sports the Dutch have not much affinity with and therefore it makes me viagra dosage options happy to know that Canada performs outstanding in these sports. The women won gold in curling and hockey and made the nation extremely proud on Thursday! It was tense, exciting but online pharmacy canada zopiclone they won in the end!

click image to play









This Sunday the men’s hockey final is going to take place and it is demanded and expected they win gold. Before Canada can win this generic cialis availability final (I’m assuming this is going to happen because Canadians will cialis cost cvs not even consider a loss) a small hurdle has to be passed today, the semi-final versus the VS. There is no need to worry Canada got this today eh? GO CANADA!


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