Strange Dutch habits

Yes I know this is a blog about Koen in Canada, but this time I decided to turn things around and tell you about habits in The Netherlands you probably find nowhere else. These are the strange dutch habits!Strange Dutch Habits

Strange Dutch Habits


1. cialis online Cycling
Through weather and wind, an old Dutch saying which means you’ll go do something no matter how though it can be. This saying actually makes a lot of sense in any season in Holland. There’s always a chance of rain and strong wind. But in this high density populated country a bike is usually the fastest vehicle to get you to your destination.

2. Three kisses
We might be the only people in the world who not shake hands, give one kiss, or two, but THREE. For many foreigners it is strange oprx online pharmacy broker at first. What do you do? Left-right-left or the other way around. Or you’ll find yourself surprised when you receive your third kiss of a person you met 2.5 hours ago on a birthday party.

3. Congratulating everyone on a birthday
After you’ve welcomed someone with three kisses on a birthday you congratulate every single person in the room with the person who has their birthday, regardless if you know them or not. It can go a little something like this: Hi I’m Peter, happy birthday to John”. “Hi Peter, I’m Jane, happy birthday to John”. And on to the next one.

4. Long life the king
Some people come to Holland to celebrate Kingsday. A national holiday in which the Dutch people celebrate the kings´ birthday and congratulate other Dutchies all day. Once you walk out of Amsterdam Central station you arrive in an orange ocean of people. Everybody is drinking and partying. In the end you’ll find a guy dressed up as a lion pissing off a boat in to one of the canals.

5. Being straight forward
Some call us rude, we prefer the terms straight forward and honest. Telling you as it is, isn’t rude, we are honest.

6. We won’t let you speak Dutch
I recently read an article that said Dutch are the second best non-native English speakers in the world and we are proud of that! Kids in high school are better in English as most adults in other countries in Europe. Once a British guy told me he gave up learning Dutch because even in the supermarket the cashiers reply to him in English when he tries to speak Dutch.

7. We eat at 18.00 sharp
I seriously don’t know why we do this, but we eat at 6 pm. You come home from work and immediately make dinner. There is no time to waste, we are hungry.

8. 15 degrees: skirts and t-shirts weather 🙂
The weather is not the best part of Holland, that why we talk (complain) so much about it. As soon as the sun starts to shine in the spring and temperature hits 15+ guys start wearing t-shirts without a jacket and girls get in their skirts.

9. we are TALL
When I was in Canada I was reminded a lot of the fact that we are tall. In every bar or club in Canada I look over 90 % of the people, while back home I hardly can because there are some girls standing in front of me being at least 1.85 meters.

10. We are considerate spenders
Let’s go Dutch – split the bill. Do I need to say more?


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