How to upset a Canadian

They are known as the most friendly people in the world and I have to admit this might be true. A woman once stopped her car in the middle of the winter and got out when she saw I was looking at a map. Another time I accidentally ran over some small Canadians in a mall when I was talking to a friend and they apologized before I even realize what happened. The question arose: is it possible to upset a Canadian?

There are some things they really don’t like. Will it make them angry and shout at you? Probably not, but it gets them a bit upset. The last point I mention is probably the worst if you really don’t care about the subject. They will rattle on and on, I hope you care like I do.

How to upset a Canadian?

Don’t know anything about Canada’s geography.
Is Vancouver / Edmonton / Calgary close to Toronto?

Have no clue what the capital is.
Is Toronto your capital city?

This question:
Say ‘aboot’, come on say it one time!

Pretend a celebrity is not from Canada.
Seth Rogen and Ryan Gosling could not be Canadian, they are way to cool for that. “Excuse me, what did you say?”

Cut in line.
They don’t like it.

Anything about the weather.
They know it is cold in winter and polar bears don’t walk down the street in big cities!

Do you know [insert name]:
I have this friend Bill in Vancouver. Do you know him? What do you mean you’re from Toronto?

This one works best in a group.
Whenever a Canadian is talking about hockey you should ask: “Ice hockey?” To Canadians there is no other kind of hockey and maybe they don’t even know field hockey is a thing played professionally by adults.

How to upset a Canadian is not something you should desire, but to make a joke about them once in a while can be fun Eh?!

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